Frequently Ask Questions:
The cost of EASY TO PASS TRAFFIC SCHOOL course is $ 39.95. You can pay immediately using a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover credit cards or pay via PayPal.
The EASY TO PASS TRAFFIC SCHOOL is bonded and insured and protects you when you pay through EASY TO PASS TRAFFIC SCHOOL.COM, so that you never have to worry about credit card safety. Due to the sensitive nature of credit card transactions, EASY TO PASS TRAFFIC SCHOOL uses a secure site for your credit card information that has the highest level of Secure Sockets Layer encryption.
No. Once you register, you will be sent via email a RE-LOGIN code to resume your course where you left off. You may do as much or as little as you like at each sitting.
Please check your spam emails if you do not receive your Completion Receipt. If you still cannot find it, please contact us and we will re-send a copy. We recommend that you retain your Completion Receipt with your citation paperwork.
We recommend that you check your driving record on the DMV website usually 2.5 to 3 weeks after completing the course to ensure that your citation has been masked (nothing appears on your record for this citation). If the citation still appears on your record (a rare occurrence), contact us by phone or e-mail. We will provide processing dates that will help you discuss and resolve the matter with the your Court and the DMV.
If the court says they did not receive your Completion Certificate (a rare occurrence), contact us by phone or e-mail. We will provide processing dates that will help you discuss and resolve the matter with your court.
Your certificate is sent to the Court directly for you electronically. As long as you complete the program on or before your due date, your certificate will be accepted by the court.
The best thing to do is to call the court that is handling your ticket and ask them if you can get an extension or have your case reopened. Some courts give extensions, some do not, so you will not know until you contact the court and ask.
It depends on the student, some students read faster and some students read slower. Rest assured that we custom catered this course to help you finish and complete this as fast and as little time as possible.
You are allowed two chances to pass the final exam. If on a 2nd attempt you fail to score 70% or higher, you will need to take another traffic violator school course or re-enroll in our course at NO additional charge.
There are 25 questions on the final exam. All you need to pass the final exam is 70%. If you read the course, you will have no problem passing the final exam. Keep in mind also that the final exam is open book.
You must score 70% or better in order to pass the exam.
You will know that you've passed the final exam right away because the final exam is an online test. It is graded immediately. You will be given your score right away and the system will show you which questions you answered incorrectly.